Friday, April 12, 2013

Onwards and upwards...

Or maybe sideways and diagonally, really.

I decided to put off the bathroom remodel by a week.  The primer on the dresser is being a pain, taking forever to cure, so I haven't been able to scuff sand yet, and the final coats aren't on.  So, that's delayed putting the tile on the top...and so on and so forth.

So, I'm going to use this weekend to finish up a couple other projects, or at least get them to a stage further along than "Hey! I have a GREAT IDEA!"

With that said, I'll scuff sand the dresser and spray the first coat of finish paint.  Then, I need to cut a sheet of luan to fit inside where the baskets will go.

We got some tall cabinets to fit in beside the vanity/dresser in the upstairs bathroom, so I need to scuff sand them and prime them to get them ready.  Then, I think I'm going to figure out a way to possibly install glass in them instead of the solid wood door.  We'll see how *that* turns out...

The undersink organizers also need a coat of finish paint, so that I can get them installed already!

I'm also thinking, since I'll have the paint sprayer out, I'm going to go ahead and sand and paint the sideboard thingie in the front hall.  It's pretty, but I want to lighten up a bit, so I think I'm going to go white, maybe with a charcoal glaze.  Or a silver glaze.  That would be awfully pretty!

On that note, I'm going to get rid of the mirror over the sideboard, and put up shelves.  We could use the space to move some books around, and get rid of the big bookshelf by the front door.  It's massively clunky and doesn't go with the idea I want at all.  I think floating shelves, with crown molding on the bottom will look fabulous, and we should be able to get most of the books in that shelf up on them.

Also, I need to strip the hardware off the door, fill in some gaps and attach the new 2x6 boards to make it a bit wider. Then comes priming and painting.  I think I can pick up the track for the door this weekend and it might actually go up!  YAY!

I'm tired just thinking about all this!

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