Monday, April 01, 2013

There was this door, see...

I don't have any pictures, yet, but I did fix the HUMONGO hole in the door.

Right now, I need to caulk the exterior patch plywood, but holy smokes I love the red color!  On the inside, the door is white again (which makes the trim look really dingy...) and I will be putting some extra paint on the MDF because I totally forgot to prime it.  However, I did router the edges, and it looks NICE!

It looks nice, but oddly dark, now that there's not a window in the bottom of the door.  Of course, when it rained on Sunday, the smaller door didn't let the rain in, so that was WONDERFUL!

I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how much help the Beloved Boy was this weekend.  No Badger Boy, just helpful and sweet and encouraging!  Also, the Yeti came by, and helped hold the door while I futzed around with a jigsaw, and was THAT helpful!

More on the subject of "stuff I did this weekend..."

The sewing room got put back together Friday, which was really nice!

At one point, there were five people in the room, and it wasn't too crowded to work. YAY!

I don't have any pictures of Dave's subarmalis, but it's done and he seems pleased.  I think I see some places where we can tweak the design, but overall...very happy with it.

Then, yesterday, because the Beloved Boy and I had some major steam, we tackled the master bedroom closet.

I don't have any real "before" pictures because there is no way to handle that level of humiliation being posted online, but there is one "in the middle."

 You really can't see how many shoes were under the lower rod on the left, but it basically made the lower rod unusable.  So, we tamed those.

The boxes with the mesh on the front are from Ikea, and there's a surprising amount of room in them.  Some have heels, some have boots... And the larger boxes with the handles on the front are also from Ikea.  Those are boot storage.  The ones are the end are labelled.

The sort-of end result.  Well, the end result for yesterday.  There's another dresser to put together, and I'm going to cut the rail off, but it's a start.  John's clothes will go in here, and we'll move the tall dresser out of the master.   I'll post more pix when I'm closer to done.

Now, on to planning for the master bath and the sliding door.  I've already removed the two stupid half-doors that lead into the master bathroom, and the new sliding door is waiting to be put together!  YAY!

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